What are the application scenarios for Orange Juice Vending Machine?

2019-06-27 11:02:49

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In recent years, with the increase of people's awareness of healthy consumption, freshly squeezed juices have gradually become the new star of the market; And smart self-service freshly squeezed orange juice has been widely accepted by consumers for its pure, non-additive and fashionable convenience featuresIt stands for mainstream direction of the development of freshly squeezed juice industry.


Shopping centers, airports, high-speed rail stations, hospitals, tourist attractions, customers can see Hengchun's self-service squeezed orange juice terminal everywhere. In the context of many smart companies shouting "difficult to land", this smart terminal, which covers only 1 square meter, has achieved a miracle of 1-2 times annual expansion rate.

Shopping centers


High-speed rail stations

Tourist attractions 


Office building