Behind the illness, is it not enough to supplement the "Vitamin C"?

2019-06-17 16:27:52

Fresh squeezed orange juice vending machine, Hengchun, Vitamin C

As a medicine that has been recorded in the Pharmacopoeia, even in the hearts of ordinary people, "Vitamin C" is highly recognized. For example, maybe you don’t know what medicine such as "acetaminophen" and  "chlorpheniramine maleate" in Vitamin C Yinqiao tablets, but you must have heard of vitamin C.  ---Hengchun Technology 

Situ Bing, director of the Pharmacy Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said that Vitamin C can alleviate the symptoms of nasal congestion and increase resistance to infection during a cold, but the traditional Vitamin C Health care products is not pure and fresh, so it may be harmful to the Human body. 

“Hengchun” freshly squeezed orange juice is made of high quality fresh oranges, which supplied by the orchard signed the contract with Hengchun directly. The oranges are disinfected and cleaned by the cleaning factory, and delivered to each Hengchun terminal with the fastest speed of Hengchun logistics system to ensure every consumer to drink the purest and healthy freshly squeezed orange juice!

Do you often feel weak? Do you often get dizzy and retched? Do you feel your skin is dry and rough? Do you feel upset? While the sub-health destroys the body of adolescents, it also threatens everyone's mental health.In the world surrounded by reinforced concrete, we lack more than just joy; Maybe every day we can take five to ten minutes to give a little leave to our tired heart,and then enjoy a cup of Hengchun freshly squeezed orange juice, feel the scenery between the mountains and green waters, experience the healthy green of the fragrance and supplement a little fresh and pure Vitamin C. Perhaps this is the life that urban youth really should have. Supplement Vitamin C, and enjoy the Hengchun...